There are so many kids on with Salman on stage and are playing drums. Some Santa come there too. Salman comes and plays the drum with kids on ‘Jai ho’.

All the inmates are in the press conference. A reporter asks Karishma and Puneet there was a father and daughter relationship between you two at the beginning then what happened later? Why you started detesting each other? Is it because Karishma is probable winner? Puneet says all the girls her are like my daughter. I treat and consider them my daughters. But it is very important to disagree where yu feel like. Karishma says when we entered the show I felt like he resembles with my dad but as the show proceeds there comes difference of opinion in different tasks. I even had difference of opinion with my dad. We were separated with later when the show proceeded.

A reporter asks Gautam about his relationship with Diandra. He says there was a scene when you kissed her, why she went to toilet? Everyone laughs. Gautam says she kissed me, I kissed her back. Pritham was asked about the dimpy incident. He says she Dimpy sweared related to my sister. This is the point where everything ends. You don’t care about the show, about imunity. Nothing is greater than your sister.

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