Zehnaseeb song plays while Arzoo talks to Sahir. Reporter says today Arzoo is taking promise from Sahir. She is confessing her love to Sahir. She holds his hand and said something which Sahir couldn’t refuse. She asks him not to hide anything from her. She asks him not to lie anything and don’t be a secret baaz. Reporter says Sahir is drowned in Arzoo’s tears. Sahir says today he is lost. Arzoo says someone is after his life.

Reporter says third person is going to come between you both. Arzoo says door is closed, how she will come, laughs. Reporter says what a confidence. It your confidence continues that no one can separate you from Sahir. Sahir is describing so many ways of romance and getting romantic. She says we hope that your romance continues and Sahir doesn’t break the promise made to you. Keep reading.

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