I am expecting a lot from the ‘bandhua’ track in Udann – Vijayendra Kumeria

Vijayendra Kumeria is living in a ‘happy’ space on the personal front as well as professional front. As the man enjoys parenthood after welcoming his new born, he is pretty excited about the new tracks opening up in Colors’ Udann (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada).
The ongoing track which brings about cute moments as well as ‘tashan’ between his character Sooraj and Chakor (Meera Deosthale) have been well-received by the audience, and the recent high in numbers are indication to that.
Says Vijayendra, “From the beginning, the scenes of Sooraj and Chakor were being liked. And now, the different situations that the two are put into are bringing out some interesting sequences. I have been getting a positive response from viewers.”
Considering the fact that Vijayendra started off as a ruthless and negative character in the show, his character has undergone a lot of transformation. However, even when the character has mellowed down now, Vijayendra cannot alter much with the characteristics of the man. “The character has been liked by all. We have reached a stage where nothing much can be altered about him. Now that he has gotten positive, he will continue to have the same gestures and way of talk. The stylization will be the same, but will come with a bit of mellowing down in terms of aggressiveness. At the same time, Sooraj can never be made a chocolate hero. So it is all about going with the flow in terms of the screenplay,” states the actor.
Ask him about the charm that he and Meera bring in to the chemistry of the duo and he states, “It is not a difficult job when your writing is proper. As an actor, it is easier to enact in such a scenario. We know very well that we are not the typical lovey-dovey couple. However, at this stage, we have a soft corner for each other and show it in the way of helping each other. But both of them have ego running in their attitude and will not accept the fact that they are in love. Both Sooraj and Chakor are complex characters and nobody will give in; this is the beauty of the Jodi.”
On the expectations of the fans, Vijayendra avers, “Fans like our tashan at the moment. We are getting a very positive feedback. The loyal followers of the show are looking forward to our love story now. But considering the story we are in, it is too early to get into that.”
Vijayendra as an actor will have his task cut out with his character Sooraj becoming a ‘bandhua’ in the coming plot. And the actor in him is very much looking forward to this phase of story. “I am looking forward to this new challenge. It will be fun as an actor to play it. For an actor, growth in character is essential. I am expecting a lot from the bandhua track, and I am waiting for the brief to happen.”
Vijayendra, we wish you all the luck!!


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