Pragya is getting married to Suresh. Sarla and Bulbul cry seeing Pragya’s helplessness. Abhi comes and asks them to stop the wedding proceedings. He wipes Pragya’s tears and hugs her lovingly. Reporter says Abhi gets the proof of Pragya’s innocence and he stops Pragya and Suresh’s marriage. He kisses on her forehead and hugs her.

Reporter says, while Pragya takes the rounds with Suresh, Abhi stops the wedding as he comes to know that MMS is fake. Reporter says, he announces this marriage can’t happen, as the MMS is fake. He tells her that he was mad to doubt on her, he will not trouble her now. He will always support her. He says he would have not forgiven himself if he knew this truth later. Pragya gets very happy as Abhi assures her that everything will be fine.

Abhi says this is not reality and it is a dream sequence. It is a dream seen by Dadi. Reporter says Abhi will unveil the person who is behind the MMS scandal. Pragya gets tears in her eyes and couldn’t be away from Abhi. She hugs him. Pragya says she is happy to wear the bridal clothes. Reporter says Aaliya and Tanu will be exposed now. Lets see if the divorced couple Abhi and Pragya get married or not. Keep reading.

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