Pragya is broken and got Abhi’s shoulder to cry on. kuch to bata zindagi………..plays……. Abhi hugs her and pacifies. Reporter says Pragya is shattered as her sister is not with her. This news is making Pragya regret, she is sad that she could not save Bulbul.

The reporter says Pragya could not get Bulbul’s culprit punished. She tells Abhi that its all because of her. Offscreen Abhi says when anyone dies in family, it feels very bad, Pragya is breaking, its natural.

Offscreen Pragya says scene content is Bulbul died. Abhi hugs her and consoles her, but the pain is so big that Pragya can’t come out of it so soon. Reporter says scene was emotional, but actors did masti while talking to SBS. Reporter reminds Pragya to punish Bulbul’s culprits. Keep reading.

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