sarla tells Abhi that she is still alive and can take decision for Pragya. Pragya can decide for herself. With which right you have fixed her marriage and made fun of her life. She slaps him hard. Reporter says Abhi got slapped by his mum in law Sarla for fixing Pragya’s marriage with Suresh.

Abhi says he didn’t feel bad as Sarla is like his mother. Abhi did a mistake and deserves a slap. Reporter says Abhi thoughts Pragya and Suresh love each other since long, but Pragya loves him. Reporter says he have even got the cards printed. Abhi says he thinks to get Pragya married and gets the card printed as well. The situation is funny.

Reporter says Abhi went to Suresh. Suresh insults him and asks him to leave. Reporter says we have to wait till Abhi’s misunderstandings gets cleared. Keep reading.

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