There is a new member in the house. It’s a rat. Kokila finds it in Pari’s closet. They are blaming Paridhi for it.

Off screen: Paridhi says I haven’t brought it, Radha did so she will answer it. Radha says I didn’t bring the mouse I just played all the tricks that can bring a mouse in the house. But I don’t know who brought it. I just placed bread near Paridhi’s door. Paridhi says she places the rat in my closet. Everyone blames me and is mad at me. Its just another trick of Radha.

Kokila says truth is that you placed this rat in your closet you have brought it. Pari says no I have no idea about it. Pari tells the reporter I won’t pardon the rat. My dad sells pesticides, I have been killing rats since childhood.

A guy comes in home. Pari has to welcome him with garland. She finds out that its her ex-boyfriend.

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