The new roli enters the house. Everyone is shocked. She says didi why are you looking at me like that? I am roli. Everyone is shocked. Simar is not accepting her at all. Roli says I have not changed that much that you can’t recognize me.

Off screen: Simar says today sid brings her back home. He face is totally changed for which we all were not prepared. I feel like she is not my roli. I can’t get that feeling that i got when my sister came in front of me.

Mata ji says to simar you have to recognize if she is real roli or not. Simar makes three women with covered face in front of her and said one of them is our mom. you have to recognize her. Roli goes and hugs her mom. Their mom says she is the roli. she found me by touch. Simar tells the reporter, we are missing her a lot. I even feel off screen that she is not my roli.

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