Ashok has married Mihika. Raman is hitting him hard. He shoves him on the ground. First Ishita started the quarrel and Raman jumped in. He started beating Ashok.

Off screen: Ashok says I have married Mihika. Raman and Ishita didn’t know. So when they got to know they started beating me. Ishita says we are not getting it. How did Mihika marry a man like him? Why Ashok? Even if you wanna run away with someone it should be someone of worth. It is beyond my understanding, we all hate Ashok.

Ishita slaps Mihika. Ishita says look into my eyes you wanna marry Ashok? Mihika says yes. Ishita wants to take her home but Mihika is reluctant. Ishita says what is all this? Take this mangal sutar off. Mihika says stop it, he is my husband. This mangal sutar is my wedding’s proof so don’t touch it. Ishita tells the reporter its very painful when your own sister hurts you this way. You came there thinking like I will sort out everything but you find out that she doesn’t value you anymore.
Ashok comes and says leave my wife. Ishita says you will have to pay for it. You snatched Mihir’s love and never cared about Shagun. Ishita tells the reporter Raman has hit Ashok. We have to do something of Mihika.
Mihika says stop it jeju you can’t beat my husband in front of me. Raman takes Ishita and leaves.

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